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You can reach thousands of individuals at the precise moment they look for your products or services. How? Search engines. Targeted text ads placed on the world’s largest search engines, including Google and Bing, attract new customers.

The next time someone searches something related to your business, show an ad on the first page of results! Our team will help you reach the right customers with a strategy tailored to your audience and the search terms they’re likely to use.

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We’re here to help every step of the way, from researching relevant, high-volume keywords to tracking your campaign’s results. Let’s get in front of customers who are ready to purchase your products or services now.

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Click-Through Rate

The average click-through rate for an ad in the first position on the page is about 7.11%.


89% of the traffic from search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.
Google Research

Market Share

Google had 92.96% of the market share for search engines in 2019.
statcounter, 2021

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