Video Advertising

Enhance the effectiveness of your message with customized video advertising! At Campaignium, we create powerful video campaigns to engage and inform your target audience – so you’ll achieve greater visibility for your business and faster conversions.

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When people encounter your digital ads, you want them to notice. A customized online video campaign delivers your brand message in an exciting, memorable way that captures attention and builds awareness.

At Campaignium, we work closely with you to develop an effective online video advertising campaign, then place your ads on popular online channels where they’ll reach your best prospects.

  • Captures attention for your brand message
  • Customized to appeal to your best prospects
  • Makes a positive, memorable impression


Online video advertising boosts your digital marketing effectiveness by presenting your brand message in a format that draws people in and makes a lasting impact.

Higher Engagement

A well-targeted online video advertising campaign captures attention and motivates people to watch, like, click, or share your brand message – giving you more interaction with prospects and the opportunity to win new customers.

Better Visibility

With an effective video advertising campaign that accurately targets your best prospects across the Web, more people will actually see and watch your ads – giving you a competitive edge as your brand message gains more awareness.

Convert Faster

Effective video advertising delivers relevant information and a strong call-to-action to your target audience. In addition to building awareness and generating more interaction with your brand, video enhances consumer response and increase conversions.

Build Stronger Relationships

Video advertising is an excellent way to introduce yourself to new customers by sharing your story and values in a compelling format – and by helping people envision how they will benefit from using your products or services.


Campaignium gets your message in front of the right audience with customized, targeted video ads that capture attention, build awareness, invite engagement, and enhance consumer response to your campaign.

YouTube Video Ads

We’ll help you reach your best prospects with high quality, targeted ads that appear before viewers watch their favorite YouTube videos.

Facebook Video Ads

You can drive awareness and conversions as people discover your brand through exciting video ads – right on their Facebook newsfeeds.

Video Ads on Websites

Customized video ads are a great way to earn more clicks from your best prospects – across popular local and national websites.

Instagram Video Ads

Share your moment and reach a consumer base that is highly mobile using Instagram advertising.


Campaignium connects you with the right customers by developing customized video ads that make a powerful impact and help grow your business. We’ll get your message in front of mobile and desktop users alike with advertising on popular video platforms across the web.

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