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All the world’s a stage (thanks, Shakespeare) so give a winning performance across the globe. We offer International SEO services that expose your company to new audiences by optimizing your website for search engines. We ensure customers find your company online, focusing on the countries or continents where you want to grow your presence.

We’re a company with a team of international SEO consultants that helps enterprise businesses succeed with organic search visibility in foreign markets. Whether you’re expanding in the United Kingdom or you’d like to focus on customers in Mexico, Campaignium’s expertise and tools will help you get there.

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You’ve heard of Google, but have you heard of Baidu, Yandex, Naver or DuckDuckGo? Our international SEO services are designed to prep your website so popular search engines from all corners of the globe can rank your content and serve it to the right customers.

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Global Traffic

In 2020, Google accounted for 70% of global desktop traffic, followed by Bing and Baidu.

New Searches

15% of daily Google searches are new to Google.
Google, 2019

Total Searches

There were 81,000 Google searches per second in 2020.

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